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+1 (888) 655-1731


For More Information Contact:

+1 (888) 655-1731

About us

Gur Trucking was established 16 years ago with one truck. In the past 16 years, we have expanded into United Bulk Service Inc. which is currently dispatching over 40+ units. We are proud of the relationship with our valued customers. We provide our service with experienced dispatchers and drivers making it easy to serve you. Using double pneumatic trailers and semis pneumatic trailers. Hauls all types of bulk powdered cement serving all of California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. United Bulk Service is a hauler that customers can trust and rely on with the services we provide. We are committed to safety and assure the best performance from our team.

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Drug-Free Workplace Policy

A drug-free workplace policy establishes for existing and future employees that the use of illegal drugs or alcohol will not be tolerated in the workplace. Generally, this includes:

The use, possession, sale, or solicitation of illegal drugs, alcohol, or prescription medication (without a prescription) at the workplace If an employee is impaired or under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol at the workplace.

If the presence of any prohibited substances is detected in an employee’s system while at work. Some employers will conduct drug or alcohol testing to ensure the workplace is drug-free. This includes random testing (employees are randomly selected), for-cause testing (if the company suspects that an employee may be under the influence) and post-accident testing (employees are tested after an accident). With an opiod crisis that is impacting the construction industry, it’s critical that employers have a drug-free workplace to ensure all of their workers remain safe on the jobsite.

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Our Vision & Mission

We are currently serving All California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, cement, fly ash, Slag, Lime. With divisions in Northern California and Southen California we are strategically located to service our customers in all capacities.

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